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Vinyl pressing has increased greatly in recent years with the 7” single making a major return quite simply because people are reverting to the original concept of wanting to hold a product in their hands, read the sleeve, touch it, feel it, smell it etc. with the range of colour wax’s we can provide it trumps a digital download by far, and you just can’t beat the sound can you!

Call us on 020 8748 0440 and speak with our vinyl specialists.

We use the DMM mastering technique for all vinyl products that we press, combined with a NEUMANN cutting lathe a top-quality Prism Sound converter and a specially developed computer application which provides a modulation and control signal, it sets all cutting parameters and further monitors the equipment for immediate as well as subsequent analysis. To put it simply, your audio is analysed in great detail to make sure it is appropriate for vinyl pressing before we manufacture your product, if there are any issues for concern we will highlight and address this before cutting your metalwork.

We can provide the standard Black Vinyl or we can also provide a range of wax colours and effects. There is a range of 14 standard solid or translucent colours to choose from or for a fee we can match any pantone colour as close as possible. We are also able to provide a single pressing in different colour combinations too.

There is a high range of sleeves and packaging options available from standard card sleeves, to printing on the reverse of the board to get a textured effect, printing on premium heavyweight board or even just using plastic sleeves and printed inserts. There are so many packaging idea’s and wax colours you are assured to have a completely individual looking product which the fans will love.

Recommended Playing times:

7” Short Player – 6m50s @ 33rpm or 5s00s @ 45rpm

10” Medium Player –  13m37s @ 33rpm or 10m05s @ 45rpm

12” Long Player – 19m20s @ 33rpm or 14m20s @ 45rpm

Although it is possible to stretch beyond this point in terms of squeezing longer track lengths into one side of the vinyl, the longer is goes beyond this point the bigger the decrease in sound quality, the grooves need to be wound tighter which results in them being more shallow and unable to hold as much frequency response. You can of course order Test Pressings to check this before the main pressing goes ahead, however, should you wish to alter this and cut a new set of metalwork you will have to pay for a new DMM master so you will incur additional costs to make further changes.

Here at A1 Duplication Ltd we are confident that Vinyl is not only the past, but also the future of the music industry.


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