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As we move into the future, Recycling is becoming more and more popular so why not buy ECO CD/DVD Digi Packs


The EcoDisc is a new development in optical media, with the environment firmly in mind. With a storage capacity of 4.7GB, and the playability of a DVD5 it is an ideal alternative for DVD-Video or DVD-ROMs. It comes in at just half the thickness and weight of a DVD5 (just 8 grams), concurrently using half the raw materials to produce. With a 200 year lifespan, it is suitable for use in long- term archiving, but its lack of non-biodegradable bonder resins means that it is friendlier on the environment, and 100% recyclable. The EcoDisc benefits from 98% playability - exactly the same as DVD5, and it works for all standard printing and automated packaging processes; meaning there are no additional collating costs. EcoDiscs are fully compatible with tray drives, but because of their thinness, cannot be played on slot-loading drives.

Recycled Packaging:

A new generation of 100% recycled board packaging allows you to present your product in a more ecologically-minded way. From 250gsm to 350gsm recycled board, it provides an excellent alternative to standard board-packaging, and can be adapted to a variety of purposes:

  • Digipack
  • Q-Pack
  • Lansing Wallet
  • Card Wallet

You can even have fully recycled 4page booklets and rear tray inlays for standard CD jewel cases, or use uncoated fiberboard with recycled content for a truly 'organic' look and feel to your packaging.

As an alternative to using plastic CD trays in your digipacks, you may wish to enquire about paperfoam trays. 100% recyclable and biodegradeable, they're designed to replace a standard plastic CD tray- even if you are using regular non-recycled board. You do not need to alter your design in any way- and as a bonus, you can emboss your company logo into the paperfoam tray. Available in a range of colours, they are dustproof and sturdy, offering excellent protection to your CD or DVD.


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