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CD DVD BLU-RAY Duplicating & Replication

Drawing from over a decade of experience in high-quality media duplicating technology, CD replication, DVD duplication, VHS and CD ROM replication, we offer a vast array of options tailored to our clients needs. We will be happy to collate a variety of media to your specific packaging instructions, and work to any special requirements you may have. Looming deadlines? Why not phone us for our specialised fast-turnaround service, and we'll do our best to help.

DVD Duplication

Our DVD printing and DVD duplication suite has been geared to the highest quality finish in the fastest possible turnaround. Duplicated DVD-R’s/CD-R’s are laser-written rather than manufactured, eliminating long setup times. This is an economical option for quantities of up to 1,000 units or projects that require a fast turnaround. Our high-quality inkjet print offers vivid colour reproduction and excellent resolution, finished with a gloss or matte lacquer. We also offer DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as dual-layer duplicated DVDs. Why not inquire about our blank, printed stationary discs? Ideal for branding any communications with your customers.

**New** Custom USB Flash Drives

We are pleased to announce a new range of services geared towards USB flash drives. A1 offers blank or preloaded flash drives (even duplicated from a customer's existing flash drive), that can be customised with your company logo. Reusable, lightweight and infinitely portable, flash drives are a versatile storage medium, perfect for transporting important files between computers, or even as a security device. With the increasing popularity of flash drives, and their affordable prices, they can make the perfect gift for customers.

CD Replication

CD Replication is geared towards high-volume orders, producing anything from 1,000 to 1,000,000 CD-ROMs. Your data is transferred to a glass master, which is used to create a metal stamp that will press the data into plastic injection moulds, before a reflective layer of aluminium is coated on the back surface, allowing the CD player's laser to read it. We can then silk screen or litho print directly onto the face of the disc, from one to six colours using CMYK or pantone colour values. Please check our guidelines for more information on how to prepare your on-body artwork.

DVD Replication

Allowing for storage capacities 14 times that of CD-ROM's, DVD-ROMs are an excellent choice for large quantities of data. Your DVD can contain data on one (DVD 5) or both (DVD 10) sides, or it can be dual-layer manufactured (DVD 10) for greater storage space. Why not take advantage of the DVD format by including menus, chapter breaks, multiple audio tracks, sub-titles, and other DVD-exclusive technology? After being replicated, one-sided DVD's can then be silk screen printed, from one to six colours using either CMYK or pantone colour values. Please check our guidelines for more information on how to prepare your on-body artwork.

BLU-RAY Hi definition Duplication & Replication

For high definition content, the Blu-Ray disc has established itself as the defining format. With 25GB of data per layer, dual layer discs are standard for feature length videos, you will no longer have to compromise on the quality of your project. As with the rest of our range, our Blu-Ray replication and duplication service offers high quality, industry standard printing and replication or duplication depending on quantity, for a variety of applications.

VHS Duplication

A1 will receive your master VHS in Betacam Sp, Dvcam, VHS, Digibeta, D2 or D3 formats, and provide duplicates to your requirements. We can also offer face and spine labels, in black and white or colour. All VHS duplicates are copied onto high grade quality stock to ensure fidelity.

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