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A1 Duplication Articles is a place which has been created to provide CD duplication, DVD duplication, CD replication, DVD replication, Audio Mastering, DVD authoring, CD copier, CD Recording, and Disk Duplication services at affordable rates in protected and controlled environment.

  • CD Copiers: All CD copiers use a similar system of tuned lasers that encode data into an organic dye layer on the writable surface of a CD-R, changing how they reflect the reading laser and therefore creating readable marks. DVD burners use the same system, differing mainly in how the timing is laid out and the size of the reading and writing lasers.

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  • CD Audio Mastering: It is always recommended that you go for a specialist CD and Audio Mastering service, one with an attending mastering engineer. This may appear costly, however if you could not afford top-notch tracking and mixing sessions, CD and Audio Mastering can end up being a more cost-effective way of producing a far superior sound.

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  • CD Recording: CD recording for audio applications is done through the Track At Once recording mode, which writes individual tracks with a gap between them. Disc At Once CD recording is best for authoring for multiple duplication, or preparing a master for replication.

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  • Disk Duplication: Disk duplication played its part in establishing the duplication industry, and making file and software distribution more affordable and viable for smaller companies and private consumers.

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  • CD Pressing: CD manufacturing or CD pressing is often confused by the public, and referred to as "CD ROM duplication". CD ROM duplication would refer to the burning of a CD ROM, which is impossible because of the way in which CD ROMs are created- the correct term within the industry is CD ROM replication, CD pressing or CD manufacturing.

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  • CD DVD Burner: CD DVD burners are bundled in with all sorts of computers, and even home entertainment systems have been incorporating CD DVD burners for several years now.

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  • Music CD Duplication: Music CD duplication allows you to scale your production to your timeframe and expected sales, preventing unnecessary costs and the storage of mountains of CDs.

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