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CD Recording

Professional duplication companies run high-quality CD copiers at low speeds to ensure greater fidelity during the CD recording process. High-quality professional CD recording, particularly for audio applications is done using high-grade Taiyo Yuden media to ensure greater compatibility. CD recording for audio applications is done through the Track At Once recording mode, which writes individual tracks with a gap between them. Disc At Once CD recording is best for authoring for multiple duplication, or preparing a master for replication. This is a mode of CD recording that masters the disc contents all in the same pass, rather than track by track. This allows for some special 'extras' on the CD, by writing on the pre-gaps in tracks that would otherwise be lost if your CD recording was done in Track At Once mode. CD graphics or CD text (album name, song name, etc.) can be included in the pre-gaps, or even a 'hidden track'.

When doing audio CD recording, ensure that your master is not done in Session At Once mode, any audio equipment you use cannot read sessions created after the first one- it is a useful mode of CD recording if you have different files you want to add at different times, and should be readable by computer drives. The software used in CD recording has developed vastly from the early days, with popular programs such as Nero and Roxio being increasingly bundled with CD copiers and new computers. This improvement in the firmware of the drives and the software has led to more convenience in CD recording, with new features like Nero's "JustSpeed", which automatically adapts the burning speed depending on what kind of media you insert. This ensures that you are never writing at an unsafe level, and makes your CD recording more likely to remain compatible and usable.

Other firmware updates for CD recording have led to buffer underrun protection technologies, which prevent the failure of a disc due to breaks in data transfer. These proprietary technologies vary slightly, from Plextor's "BurnProof" to Sony's "Power Burn", which also protects against movement of the drive, irregular vibrations and the optimisation of writing conditions depending on the type of media inserted. This means that modern CD recording is highly reliable, with a theoretical longeivity of anywhere between 25 to 100 years, depending on the quality of media and how it is handled.


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